Sales & Marketing

To outperform all other hotels in a given marketplace, it takes a top-down approach to product, positioning and smart marketing. Our market niche and our philosophy of comprehensive planning and training, a strong outside sales force, and our property by property approach to operating, allow us to drive returns for our investors. Extensive market research is conducted to accurately position a property within its market and community. Communication is ongoing with area chambers of commerce, tourism development groups, and potential corporate clients to determine the needs of a location.

Strategic Marketing

Marketing is a major component in our success, resulting in premium market share and consistent above-average performance. ROI Hospitality will oversee the development and execution of annual marketing planning, utilizing a combination of results-oriented strategies. These strategies include online marketing initiatives, search engine optimization (SEO), revenue management, brand program participation, direct sales efforts, and other target market specific opportunities which help achieve market share goals. Extensive market research is also conducted to accurately position each property within its market and community.