Operations Management

Our philosophy at ROI Hospitality is that quality and consistency are key objectives that are necessary in operating a successful hotel.  We accomplish this in part, with daily and weekly communications with hotel management, combined with frequent property visits. Each and every day, we work to achieve the highest standards possible, and then we raise the bar, and do it all again.  Hotels managed by ROI Hospitality consistently outperform their market competitors, and produce strong financial returns for our business partners.

Consistency is Key

In order to stay on top of day to day operations, we provide the following services for each hotel we work with.

  • We ensure that all hotel systems and procedures are franchise compliant, and that they follow standard hotel operating practices.

  • Frequent on-site property inspections

  • Weekly asset management meetings

  • Weekly sales and marketing meetings

  • Weekly revenue management meetings

  • Revenue forecasts and cash flow projections

  • Labor and purchasing cost control systems

  • Guest room cleaning guidelines and programs

  • Preventative maintenance programs